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SYMANTEC Certifications

SCSE - Symantec SCSE (3)
SCSP - Symantec SCSP (15)
SCTA - Symantec SCTA (1)
SCTS - Symantec SCTS (1)


All Exam in SYMANTEC

Exam Number

Exam Name


Exam included in Certifications

250-101Small Business Security2021-10-05SCTS      
250-222Implementation of High Availability Solutions for UNIX using Veritas Cluster Server 4.02021-10-11SCSP      
250-240Veritas Storage Foundation 4.0 Specialist2021-10-07SCSP      
250-250Veritas Storage Foundation 5.0 Administration for UNIX2021-10-03SCSP      
250-251Administration of High Availability Solutions for UNIX using Veritas Cluster Server 5.02021-10-09SCSP      
250-265Data Protection Administration for UNIX using NetBackup 6.52021-10-18SCTA      
250-300Administration of Backup Exec 10 for Windows2021-10-06SCSP      
250-311Admin for Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 for windows2021-10-03SCSP      
250-312Admin of Symantec Backup Exec 12 for Windows Servers2021-10-14SCSP      
250-351Admin of Veritas Storage Foundation HA 5.0 for Windows2021-10-06SCSP      
250-365Data Protection Administration for Windows(NBU 6.5)2021-10-03SCSP      
250-421Design of DP Solutions for UNIX using NBU 5.02021-10-12SCSP      
250-422Design & Custom. Of HA Solutions for UNIX using VCS 4.12021-10-17SCSP      
250-501Intrusion Protection Solutions2021-10-07SCSP SCTA     
250-502Firewall & Integrated Security Appliances Solutions2021-10-03SCSE SCSP SCTA    
250-503Security Management Solutions2021-10-08SCSE SCSP SCTA    
250-504Virus Protection & Integrated Client Security Solutions2021-10-03SCSE SCSP SCTA    
250-722Implementation of DP Solutions for Windows using NBU 5.02021-10-16SCSP      
250-824Data Protection Troubleshooting for UNIX using NetBackup 5.x2021-10-02SCSP      
250-924Data Protection Troubleshooting for Windows using NetBackup 5.x2021-10-06SCSP      
ST0-052Symantec Backup Exec 12 for Windows (STS)2021-10-03      
250-308Administration of Symantec Enterprise Vault 8.0 for Microsoft Exchange2021-10-06      
ST0-058Veritas Storage Foundations 5.1 for Windows (STS)2021-10-06      
ST0-057Veritas NBU PureDisk 6.5 (STS)2021-10-03      
ST0-072Symantec Enterprise Vault 8.0 Exchange (STS)2021-10-06      
ST0-47XSymantec NetBackup 6.5 (STS)2021-10-06      
250-270Administration of Symantec NetBackup 7.0 for Unix2021-10-05      
ST0-075Symantec Data Loss Prevention 9.0 (STS)2021-10-14      
ST0-29BSymantec Endpoint Protection 11 MR4 (STS)2021-10-21      
ST0-29BSymantec Endpoint Protection 11 MR4 (STS)2021-10-21      
250-314Administration of Symantec Backup Exec 2010 for Windows Servers2021-10-06      
250-370Administration of Symantec NetBackup 7.0 for Windows2021-10-21      
ST0-025Symantec Security Information Manager 4.52021-10-01      
ST0-050Symantec Network Access Control 112021-10-07      
ST0-067Symantec Control Compliance Suite 9.0 (STS)2021-10-18      
ST0-086Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 (STS)2021-10-09      
ST0-093Symantec Data Loss Prevention 10.5 (STS)2021-10-02      
ST0-095Symantec Technical Foundations: Security Solutions 1.0 (STS2021-10-16      
ST0-096Symantec Backup Exec 2010 (STS)2021-10-22      
ST0-099Symantec Enterprise Vault 9.0 (STS)2021-10-15      
ST0-12WVeritas Cluster Server 5 for Windows (STS)2021-10-06      
ST0-12XVeritas Cluster Server 5 for Unix (STS)2021-10-01      
ST0-91WSymantec NetBackup 7.0 for Windows (STS)2021-10-01      
ST0-91XSymantec NetBackup 7.0 for UNIX (STS)2021-10-02      
ST0-94XVeritas Storage Foundation 5.1 for UNIX (STS)2021-10-28      
250-309Administration of Symantec Enterprise Vault 9 for Exchange2021-10-01      
250-400Administration of Altiris Client Management Suite 7.02021-10-01      
250-401Administration of Symantec Management Platform 7.0 with Notification Server2021-10-06      
250-510Administration of Symantec Data Loss Prevention 10.52021-10-13      
ST0-029Symantec Endpoint Protection 112021-10-01      
ST0-066Altiris Client Management Suite 7.0 (STS)2021-10-06      
ST0-030Symantec Mail Security 8300 Series2021-10-15      
ST0-074Symantec Mgmt Platform 7.0 with Notification Server (STS)2021-10-03      
ST0-079Symantec Brightmail Gateway 8.0 (STS)2021-10-02      
ST0-100Symactec Enterprise Vault 9 for Domino Techinial Assessment2021-10-18      
ST0-10XVeritas Storage Foundation 5 for Unix (STS)2021-10-07      
ASC-012ASC High Availability Assessment2021-10-10      
ST0-090Symantec Control Compliance 10.02021-10-21      
ST0-097Symantec Brightmail Gateway 9.0 (STS)2021-10-23      
ST0-114PGP Universal Server 3.0 Technical Assessment2021-10-02      
ST0-130Symantec Management Platform 7.1 Technical Assessment2021-10-19      
ASC-066ASC EndPoint Management Assessment2021-10-02      
ASC-094ASC Storage Management Assessment2021-10-01      
ST0-116Symantec Data Loss Prevention 11 Technical Assessment2021-10-02      
ST0-132Symantec Messaging Gateway 9.5 Exam2021-10-04      
ST0-119Altiris Client Management Suite 7.1 Technical Assessmen2021-10-15      
250-310Administration of Symantec Enterprise Vault 10.0 for Exchange2021-10-06      
250-315Administration of Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.12021-10-06      
250-530Administration of Symantec Network Access Control 12.12021-10-21      
ST0-085Symantec Security Information Manager 4.7 Technical Assessment2021-10-18      
ST0-118Symantec Enterprise Vault 10.0 for Exchange Technical Assessment2021-10-01      
ST0-134Symantec EndPoint Protection 12.1 Tcehnical Assessment2021-10-20      
ST0-135Symantec Network Access Control 12.1 Technical Assessment2021-10-01      
ST0-136Symantec System Recovery 2011 Technical Assessment2021-10-11      
ST0-153Symantec PGP Universal Server 3.2 Technical Assessment2021-10-02      
250-402Administration of Altiris(TM) Client Management Suite 7.12021-10-03      
250-403Administration of Symantec(TM) Management Platform 7.12021-10-06      
250-511Administration of Symantec(TM) Data Loss Prevention 112021-10-03      
250-252Administration of Veritas Storage Foundation 6.0 for Unix2021-10-01      
250-253Administration of Veritas Cluster Server 6.0 for Unix2021-10-06      
250-512Administration of Symantec Data Loss Prevention 11.52021-10-11      
ST0-147Veritas Cluster Server 6.0 for Unix Technical Assessment2021-10-26      
ST0-148Veritas Storage Foundation 6.0 for UNIX Technical Assessment2021-10-28      
ST0-174Symantec Data Loss Prevention 11.5 Technical Assessment2021-10-02      
250-352Administration of Storage Foundation and HA 6.0 for Windows2021-10-22      
ST0-149Storage Foundation and HA 6.0 Windows Technical Assessment2021-10-03      
250-271Administration of Symantec NetBackup 7.5 for UNIX2021-10-28      
250-316Administration of Symantec Backup Exec 20122021-10-11      
250-371Administration of Symantec NetBackup 7.5 for Windows2021-10-11      
ST0-141Symantec Backup Exec 2012 Technical Assessment2021-10-01      
ST0-172Symantec NetBackup 7.5 for Windows Technical Assessment2021-10-15      
ST0-173Symantec NetBackup 7.5 for UNIX Technical Assessment2021-10-16      
250-307Admin of Symantec Enterprise Vault 2007 for Exchange2021-10-21      
251-312Admin of Symantec Backup Exec 12 for Windows Servers Exam2021-10-08      
ASC-029ASC Enterprise Security 20102021-10-04      
ASC-090ASC IT Compliance 20102021-10-03      
ASC-091ASC Data Protection 20102021-10-09      
ASC-093ASC Data Loss Prevention 20102021-10-03      
ASC-099ASC Archiving and eDiscovery 20102021-10-06      
ST0-151Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11 Technical Assessment2021-10-03      
250-406Administration of Clearwell eDiscovery Platform 7.x2021-10-15      
ST0-155Clearwell eDiscovery Platform 7.x Technical Assessment2021-10-20      
ST0-192Symantec Tech. Found.: Security Solutions 2.0 Tech. Assmt.2021-10-19      
850-001Cloud Security 1.02021-10-01      
ST0-199Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.0 Technical Assessment2021-10-20      
ST0-200Symantec System Recovery 2013 Technical Assessment2021-10-14      
ST0-202Symantec Mobile Management Suite (CMS/ITMS) (March 2013) STS2021-10-06      
ST0-237Symantec Data Loss Prevention 12 Technical Assessment2021-10-14      
250-405Administration of Symantec Management Platform 7.52021-10-09      
ST0-250Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.5 Technical Assessment2021-10-15      
250-254Administration of Symantec Cluster Server 6.1 for Unix2021-10-10      
250-255Administration of Symantec Storage Foundation 6.1 for Unix2021-10-26      
250-407Administration of Altiris Client Management Suite 7.1 / 7.x2021-10-14      
ST0-247Symantec Cluster Server 6.1 for UNIX Technical Assessment2021-10-23      
ST0-248Symantec Storage Foundation 6.1 for UNIX Technical Assessment2021-10-01      

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